Decompiling Classes, Replacing and Patching Core Java Classes

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Decompiling Classes, Replacing and Patching Core Java Classes

By Alex Kalinovsky

01 Apr 2004 |

The 'Decompiling Classes' chapter helps you determine when you would need to decompile your Java classes, provides a list of the popular decompilers and shows you how to decompile a class using JAD. It also looks at what makes decompiling possible and examines potential problems with decompiled code.

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Patching core Java classes can help in debugging and understanding the JVM. The 'Replacing and Patching Core Java Classes' chapter discusses why you might need to patch the core classes, looks at how to patch core Java classes using the boot class path, and shows you a simple patch to java.lang.Integer.

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Covert Java

Have you ever been in a crunch where all conventional approaches have failed? Do you know of a product that solves exactly the same problem you are facing but there is no documentation on how to implement it? Are you using a third party library for which you want to change some of the logic but you don't have the source code?

This book provides practical methods to overcome challenges that may otherwise be unsurpassable. It shows how to work with Java classes for which there is no source code, how to alter third party application logic, how to hack JVM behavior and how to protect commercial applications from hackers.

Author Alex Kalinovsky acknowledges that these techniques are extreme and at times controversial, but as he says in the Introduction "...Any information or a discovery can be used for good or ill. This book is for the good guys, and if you are a bad guy please stop reading right now and get a new job with the testing team."

Tricks and in-depth information presented in Covert Java can save you hours of effort. Alex Kalinovsky offers a unique approach to solving common Java problems, from decompiling and hacking, to patching core Java classes and working at the bytecode level. Each chapter focuses on a technique that solves a specific problem - outlining the problem, demonstrating the solution and then suggesting additional ideas for testing out the approach.

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