The Keel Meta-framework: A Hands-On Tutorial

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The Keel Meta-framework: A Hands-On Tutorial

By Shash Chatterjee

01 Sep 2003 |

September 2003

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Keel is an open source meta-framework that provides a thin backbone, and a set of core interfaces for common services, which application architects can implement using various other open source or commercial frameworks and libraries to best suit their application. This hands-on tutorial walks you through how to install Keel, setup infrastructure for a typical application, add configuration, authorization, persistence, and a Struts user-interface. Detailed code examples are provided.

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About the Author

Shash Chatterjee has worked on large-scale aerospace and defense systems, including system and embedded software for the space-shuttle and radar systems. He has also worked in telecommunications product development, leading and managing hardware and embedded software teams for high-speed fiber-optic multiplexers. Shash went from FORTRAN, PL/1, C, C++ to Java almost as soon as Sun unleashed it. Being interested in server-side web development for a non-profit site, he stumbled on to the Expresso Open Source framework in 1999, eventually becoming a core contributor, and has been into Open Source ever since.