Core JSTL Chapter Excerpt on URL Actions

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Core JSTL Chapter Excerpt on URL Actions

By David M. Geary

01 Dec 2002 |

The URL Actions Chapter starts off with an overview of Web application basics and looks at the 4 different JSTL actions. It then looks at how to access external resources, resources in foreign contexts, and how to redirect a response.

Read 'URL Actions' Chapter here

About the Author

DAVID M. GEARY is the president of Sabreware, Inc., a training and consulting company focusing on server-side Java technology. He has been developing object-oriented software for nearly 20 years and was among the pioneers who worked on the Java platform APIs at Sun Microsystems from 1994 to 1997. Geary is the author of six books on Java technology, including the runaway best-selling Graphic Java series, and Advanced JavaServer Pages. A member of expert groups for JSTL and JavaServer Faces, he is also a contributor to the Apache Struts JSP software application framework and wrote questions for the Web component developer certification exam. Since 1996, he has been a columnist for Java Report magazine. He also writes JavaWorld's Java Design Patterns column.