Google Web Toolkit Solutions: Cool & Useful Stuff

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Google Web Toolkit Solutions: Cool & Useful Stuff

By David M. Geary

01 Feb 2007 |

Incorporate JavaScript and JavaScript Toolkits & Implement Drag and Drop

The Google Web Tookit (GWT) is a cutting-edge UI framework for Java developers, which lets you create rich, interactive user interfaces using familiar idioms from Java's Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), Swing, and the Eclipse Foundation's SWT. If you've used any of those frameworks in the past, you're already halfway up the GWT learning curve.

This Short Cut explores cool stuff you can do with the GWT using two applications: an address book and a Yahoo! trip viewer.

The Yahoo! Trips application shows how you can incorporate Scriptaculous, a powerful JavaScript toolkit, to apply a useful effect for displaying results. Other cool and useful techniques, including how to implement drag and drop and how to integrate with a database using Hibernate are demonstrated. Since you'll eventually want to move your GWT application to a servlet container such as Tomcat or Resin, the process of deploying a GWT application to Tomcat with Ant is also covered. Lastly, this Short Cut shows how to use popup panels and deferred commands to provide a much more interactive user interface.

Put the GWT to use today!

Google™ Web Toolkit Solutions (Digital Short Cut): Cool & Useful Stuff
ISBN-10: 0-13-158465-0; ISBN-13: 978-0-13-158465-5; Published: Jan 18, 2007; Copyright 2007; Dimensions 10-1/2x7-3/4; Pages: 112; Edition: 1st. $9.99

David M. Geary is best known for his Graphic Java series from Prentice Hall PTR and Sun Microsystems Press, but for the past two years he has been immersed in server-side Java technology. He is a member of the expert group that's defining the standard JSP technology tag library and is also a key contributor to the Apache Struts JSP technology-based application framework.

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