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JasperReports TechAnim

By John Rizzo and Teodor Danciu

01 Oct 2006 |

In this tech animation from, Teodor Danciu walks through the process of creating a jasper report from an XML report definition, step by step and with clear navigation.

View the JasperReports animated TechAnim - Your Code Execution.

About the Authors

John Rizzo is cofounder and managing director of Loop Factory, a Java-focused education company. He has spent the last decade teaching IT; from OO to Java, going through AS/400 systems, methodologies and Delphi; to professionals, unemployed and children. Rizzo has recently cofounded, a Web site dedicated to technical quizzes about Java-related technologies. will progressively evolve into a full-blown Java assessment center.

Teodor Danciu, founder and architect of JasperReports, started JasperReports in 2001 and has been its architect and lead developer since. Danciu has seven years experience as a software engineer working on ERP, B2B, B2C and other database-related applications. He has been working with Java for many years and has successfully led development teams on numerous J2EE projects. For the last two years he's been working with Hibernate, SWT and the Avalon Framework for porting a large ERP system to the Java Platform.

Presentation animated by Florence Benoit.