Managed Smart Clients

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Managed Smart Clients

By Michael Juntao Yuan

01 Mar 2004 |

Managed Smart Clients discusses the benefits and architecture of managed smart clients and introduces the OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) specification and IBM's implementation: the SMF (Service Management Framework). Through a simple echo example, it demonstrates how to build the bundles, implement required life-cycle methods, import and export packages, expose and consume bundle services, and add UIs to a bundle application.

The following chapter has been excerpted from 'Enterprise J2ME'(Prentice Hall), by Michael Juntao Yuan.

Managed Smart Clients

About the Author

Michael Juntao Yuan is a researcher, developer, author, and advocate for Java and open source technologies. He is a research associate at the Center for Research in Electronic Commerce at the University of Texas at Austin and the Wireless Java columnist for JavaWorld. Yuan won the 2002 Grand Prize in Nextel, Sun, and Motorola's national J2ME application contest. Currently, he leads an effort at to develop a series of official blueprint appliations for Nokia.