Testing: Cactus and JUnit, Struts TagLibs and JSPs

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Testing: Cactus and JUnit, Struts TagLibs and JSPs

By Bill Dudney and Jonathan Lehr

01 Aug 2003 | TheServerSide.com

The Testing: Cactus and JUnit chapter examines pitfalls when building a real-world test set with these tools. It looks at various pitfalls such as 'Unreasonable Assert', 'Console-Based Testing', 'Unfocused Test Method', 'Failure to Isolate Subject' and others. The Struts TagLibs and JSPs chapter looks at common pitfalls such as 'Not Using Struts Tags for Error Messaging', 'Performing Business Logic in JSPs', and others. Examples and solutions are provided for each pitfall.

These two chapters have been excerpted from 'Jakarta Pitalls'(Wiley), by Bill Dudney and Jonathan Lehr.

Testing: Cactus and JUnit

Struts TagLibs and JSPs

About the Authors

BILL DUDNEY is a Java architect with Object Systems Group. He has been building J2EE™ applications and software for five years and has been doing distributed computing for almost fourteen years. He is the coauthor of J2EE AntiPatterns (from Wiley).

JONATHAN LEHR is an independent consultant with more than twenty years of experience in software development and training. He has designed e-commerce applications for Fortune 100 companies.