Domain Logic and Distribution Patterns

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Domain Logic and Distribution Patterns

By Martin Fowler

01 Jul 2003 |

These two chapters have been excerpted from Martin Fowler's 'Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture'. The chapter on Domain Model Patterns looks at the Transaction Script, Domain Model, Table Module, and Service Layer patterns. The Distribution Patterns chapter looks at the Remote Facade, and the Data Transfer Object patterns. For each pattern, the chapters explain how the pattern works, when it should be used, and provide examples of their usage through sample problems and code examples.

Domain Logic Patterns

Distribution Patterns

About the Author

Martin Fowler has written four books on software development: Analysis Patterns, UML Distilled (two editions), Refactoring, and Planning Extreme Programming. He is well-known throughout the software engineering community, and is currently Chief Scientist for ThoughtWorks, Inc., an application development company.