Ajax Warrior: Back to the Future in a Fun Way!

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Ajax Warrior: Back to the Future in a Fun Way!

By Frank Zemmetti

01 Sep 2006 | TheServerSide.com

In Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology, author Frank Zammetti provides a learn-by-example experience, featuring the planning, design and implementation stages of seven complete example applications. Included among the applications are an Ajax game, a Webmail client, and a Flickr-style photo gallery application. Technologies covered include Apache, Ant, Ajax Tags, Struts, Prototype, DWR and Dojo.

In chapter 10 of this book, titled "AJAX Warrior: Back to the Future in a Fun Way!", Zammetti walks through his final Ajax project, a game. With this example application Zammetti covers "naked" Ajax (not using a library or toolkit), JSON, and CSS and DOM scripting techniques. Associative arrays and a new server-side framework are also discussed. After walking through planning, design and implementation stages, readers can see the fruits of their labor firsthand, and play the game.

Download Chapter 10 - AJAX Warrior: Back to the Future in a Fun Way!

Published by Apress; ISBN: 1-59059-695-1; Published: July 2006; Copyright 2006; Pages: 528

For more information on Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology, go to www.apress.com.

About the Author

Frank W. Zammetti is a Web architect specialist for a leading worldwide financial company by day, and a PocketPC and open source developer by night. He is the founder and chief software architect of Omnytex Technologies, a PocketPC development house. Zammetti has primarily developed Web-based applications for about eight years. Before that, he developed Windows-based client/server applications in a variety of languages. Zammetti is a contributor to a number of open source projects, including DataVision, Struts, PocketFrog and Jakarta Commons. In addition, Frank has started two projects: Java Web Parts and The Struts Web Services Enablement Project. Zammetti has authored various articles on topics that range from integrating DataVision into Web apps to using Ajax in Struts-based applications. He is currently working on a new application framework specifically geared toward creating next-generation Web applications.