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Leveraging Open Source for Web services Development

By Chris Peltz and Claire Rogers

01 Jun 2003 |

This white paper takes an in-depth look at the open-source tools that can be used to get started on Web services development. In the application, it is shown how an existing Java asset is exposed as a Web service interface through the entire development lifecycle. The application was developed, deployed, and tested on an HP laptop running on Debian Linux. The MySQL Open Source database and the BEA JRockit Linux JVM were used. The Eclipse environment was used in the creation of the Java components, while Apache Axis and Tomcat were used to develop the Web service. Apache Ant and Eclipse were then used to deploy the Web service, and PushToTest TestMaker was used for testing it.

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About the Authors

Chris Peltz and Claire Rogers are senior software consultants in HP's Developer Resources Organization ( They provide software consulting to customers on J2EE and web services best practices. They can be contacted at and, respectively.