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JAX-RPC, Service-Oriented Architecture, Transaction Management

By Sameer Tyagi, Michael E. Stevens,Sunil Mathew and James McGovern

01 Jun 2003 |


JAX-RPC facilitates the invocation of remote procedures, using XML as the data format and SOAP as the data protocol. JAX-RPC provides a Java API for developers to invoke remote procedure calls, by abstracting and hiding the low-level SOAP semantics associated with RPC from applications. This chapter looks at the JAX-RPC Service Model, Data Types and Serialization, JAX-RPC Development, Attachments, and Interoperability.

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Service Oriented Architecture

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) configures entities (services, registries, contracts, and proxies) to maximize loose coupling and reuse. This chapter examines SOA entities, the characteristics of SOA, and details interface design for services.

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Transaction Management

The Transaction Management chapter introduces you to the fundamental concepts behind transactions and explains how transactions are managed within current Java/J2EE platforms. It looks at the challenges of using existing transaction models for Web services, explains newly proposed models and standards for Web service transactions, and details proposed implementations of these new models on the Java platform.

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About the Authors

Sameer Tyagi has nine years of experience in Software design and development and works as a Java Architect with Sun Microsystems.He is the coauthor of five books on Java technology and has written numerous articles for JavaWorld, Java Developers Journal, Java Pro, Java Report and Programmez magazine.

Michael E. Stevens is and application architect for Hartford Financial Services with over fourteen years of experience in information technology. He is a columnist for and coauthor of the Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture.

Sunil Mathew has fourteen years of experience in information technology and now manages the Java consulting practice for Sun Microsystems in New England.

James McGovern is an enterprise architect for Hartford Financial Services with sixteen years of experience in information technology. He is the coauthor of Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture and a columist for Java Developers Journal.

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