Struts In Action: Chapters on Tiles and Validation

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Struts In Action: Chapters on Tiles and Validation

By Ted Husted, Cedric Dumoulin, George Franciscus and David Winterfeldt

01 Nov 2002 |

TheServerSide and Manning Publications are pleased to present two feature chapters from the popular 'Struts In Action', a comprehensive book based on the practical experience of the core Struts team and its development community. Writes Craig McClanahan, the founding developer for Struts, "[In this book]...some of Struts' most important developers have done an outstanding job of explaining how Struts works and how it is used in practice. "

Download Sample Chapters 11 and 12

Chapter 11 looks at how to design applications with dynamic includes, how to use the Struts and Tiles frameworks together, Tiles Definitions and attributes, and application migration to Tiles.

Chapter 11 - Developing applications with Tiles

Chapter 12 covers data validation, looks at how to configure and use the Commons Validator using multipage and localized validations, how to write your own validators.

Chapter 12 - Validating user input

Download the complete ebook edition

Struts in Action is available for download in a PDF ebook edition through the publisher's website Web visitors can also read sample chapters and other content of the book as well as join in author-led discussions in the Author Online forums.

Purchase the Struts in Action book at Amazon, Manning Publications or anywhere that technical books are sold.