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JavaOne2007 Coverage

By Nitin Bharti, Eugene Ciurana, Frank Cohen and Joseph Ottinger

01 May 2007 |

TSS’ Daily Show Coverage

Frank Cohen provides in-depth coverage and analysis of important technologies discussed at this year’s JavaOne, including informative write-ups of keynote presentations, technical sessions and conversations with vendors and attendees.

Day 2 & 3 – JBI & SCA, Application Virtualization, Java EE Performance Optimization
On the second and third day of his coverage, Cohen provides an update on the JBI and SCA standards, and examines Tibco's ActiveMatrix product. He examines virtualization technology for deploying SOA services, gets an update on DWR 2.0 and delves into the politics behind the JCP. After spending an evening with performance geeks, he marches on to present a BOF on dynamic scripting.

Day 1 – JavaFX, OpenJDK, Java scripting support, jMaki
The opening keynote session was a reminder of where Sun has been over the past ten years. Despite the trouble Sun has had, things look upbeat - even with more acceptance of ideas and technologies Java has traditionally moved away from, such as the preponderance of scripting languages. That said, Sun has opened the JDK under the GPL, released JavaFX, and thrown the doors open - except it still holds the TCK under its thumb.

Day 0 – CommunityOne and the ‘UnConference’
Frank Cohen sent in this report of the "unconference:" Community One, the conference that takes place before JavaOne, with a lot of focus on Glassfish, NetBeans, scripting, and some of Sun's other initiatives around open source and community.

JavaOne Wishlist
Every Java developer has one or more things she'd like to see announced at JavaOne. Maybe it's a new product, or perhaps a technology decision. What is your wish list? Share it with us... and dare to dream.

Eugene Ciurana’s Video blog coverage contributing editor Eugene Ciurana walked the floor at JavaOne this year and captured some interesting interviews with industry luminaries, show attendees and speakers. Check out his daily ‘Vlog’ coverage:

Testing GUIs in a Distributed Environment
Spring vs. Java EE, Open source Terracotta, JSF vs. Wicket, Java-based robots
Language-Oriented Programming at JavaOne 2007
JavaOne Day 1 registration
Greg Wilkins talks about Jetty

TSS News Announcements & Discussions

Podcast with DataSynapse on Application Virtualization
Sun Adopts OpenID, supports URL-based digital identity
Oracle JDeveloper 11g preview available
JavaFX at JavaOne: Mixed Reactions
Interface21 secures $10M Investment from Benchmark Capital
Interface21 adopts Structure101
DB40 demos car navigation system and NAND drive
JBoss 4.2 released - integrates key bits of Java EE into 4.x Coverage

Tie that binds Sun, NetBeans and Java criticized
Where SOA standards matter: The SAP view
Sun views SOA development through GlassFish
Sun grapples with ESBs, JBI and Java EE for SOA
At JavaOne: Tibco talks Ajax and event-driven SOA
JavaOne: Tibco talks about Ajax, Java and SOA
Sun at JavaOne – the network is ‘unstoppable’

Coverage from around the Web interoperability blog

Microsoft discusses interop at JavaOne
Tango & JavaOne: .NET 3.0 dances with Sun Glassfish

JavaOne: Tibco talks about Ajax, Java and SOA
Sun at JavaOne: The network is ‘unstoppable’
SOA influences JavaOne to get down to business
Sun grapples with ESBs, JBI and Java EE for SOA
Sun views SOA development through GlassFish

Other coverage:

Ola Bini @ JavaOne: Day 1 keynote and Groovy session
The Bile Blog

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