TSS Java Symposium conference coverage 2007

The conference made a strong emphasis on projects to help Java developers build POJOs and services, build-in scalability and performance, test and validate their applications, and learn from each other the best practices and patterns.

TSS’ Daily Show Coverage

Day 1 Report – Mule 2 & Spring 2 Integration, Testing with Selenium, State of Ajax, SOA defined

TheServerSide Java Symposium opened today in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendance is strong with a very large room full of eager software architects and developers, technology evaluators, and tools vendors. The conference has 50+ sessions over the next 3 days with a strong emphasis on projects to help Java developers build POJOs and services, build-in scalability and performance, test and validate their applications, and learn from each other the best practices and patterns.

Day 2 Report – JRuby and Ruby-Tinted Glasses, Open Source Business Models, Data Grids, Dynamic Scripting Languages

The sun rose over Las Vegas and TheServerSide Java Symposium conference continued into Day 2. Second day coverage includes JRuby, a hallway conversation about scripting languages, a synopsis of the open source business panel (which featured Inferface21, JBoss, SpikeSource, LifeRay and Alfresco) data grids, and dynamic scripting languages.

Day 3 Report – A chat with Azul on ‘pauseless garbage collection’, Oracle acquires Tangosol

Oracle announced an agreement to acquire data grid producer Tangosol, whose Coherence data cache has been used in many large financials. Coherence is likely to play a major role in Oracle's "Extreme Transaction Processing" initiative.


The Enterprise Service Bus: Do We Really Need It?

In this podcast Mark Richards, senior IT architect at IBM and author of Java Transaction Design Strategies, discusses why ESB is best defined by the capabilities it should have rather than by an industry-standardized definition. In addition to offering a preview of what he will discuss at TSSJS in Las Vegas, he also offers insight into several questions about implementation including:

Erich Gamma on the Jazz Project

In this interview, Gamma talks about the vision for Jazz, and how the platform is designed to make development teams more effective by improving quality and collaboration, and increasing transparency.

Thomas Kurian on the Next Application Platform

In this interview, Thomas Kurian he talks about some of the key elements of that platform, including POJO-based development, orchestration, integration with open source frameworks like Spring and "a la carte" Java EE 5 compliance.

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