JQuery 1.4 goes live

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JQuery 1.4 goes live

By George Lawton

10 Feb 2010 | TheServerSide.com

The new release of the jQuery JavaScript library is now available with numerous performance and coding improvements. This release represents a significant update to the library, and many of the calls in the library will see a 2-4 fold performance improvement. For example, the performance of the .css() method has doubled, while the performance of the .addClass(), .removeClass(), and .hasClass() methods has tripled.

The new library significantly reduces the complexity of most popular methods in jQuery. The most dramatic changes were in remove, html, and empty methods. It also adds several new Ajax methods. Another improvement is that a data cache is no longer created if it is not needed, which increases performance and avoids polluting the DOM.

An overhaul to queuing improves the experience of working with queues other than the default. These include a .delay(), Queue next, and .clearQueue() methods.

On the networking side, Google is now hosting a copy of the jQuery code on their fast edge cache servers, in order to speed the performance of jQuery apps.

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