JavaFX Maven plugin released

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JavaFX Maven plugin released

By George Lawton

15 Feb 2010 |

Alex Ruiz has announced the release of the JavaFX Maven plugin to simplify the process of compiling JavaFX sources. It replaced a prior plugin which was written as a wrapper for an Ant script, which did not work well. The current release only supports the desktop profile.

The main challenge with creating the plugin has been the licensing restrictions stipulated by Sun/Oracle which precludes others from distributing the JavaFX libraries via a Maven repository. Installing the library locally is possible but time consuming. Furthermore the names and number of the JavaFX have changed with each release.

To overcome these issues the plugin does not require you to list the JavaFX libraries as dependencies. Rather, the plugin uses an environmental variable to specify the path of the JavaFX home directory. The plugin reads this value and no further configuration is required.

You can download the current release here:

Read Alex Ruiz announcement here: