Eclipse 3.6 feature set announced

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Eclipse 3.6 feature set announced

By George Lawton

15 Feb 2010 |

The Eclipse foundation has announced the planned feature set for the Eclipse 3.6, which is code-named Helios. Preliminary versions of Eclipse 3.6 were first released beginning last August, and the latest version, Eclipse 3.5 Milestone 5, was released in late January. In March, the API set will be frozen and in April the feature set will be frozen. The final 3.6 release candidate is expected June 4th.

The new version will be contract compatible with Eclipse 3.5 with a few exceptions noted in the migration guide. This means that plug-ins written in 3.5 should work despite any API changes with a few exceptions. Plug-ins for 3.6 will not be compatible with Eclipse 3.5 apps.

The Eclipse developers have committed to supporting the win32 version of Eclipse on Windows 7. They have proposed adding support for Java SE 7 and Ubuntu.

Other improvements include extensibility for supporting insertion of customer views and frames, customizing the tool bar, and changing the look and feel of the help system. There are also plans to provide an API for creating asynchronous debug commands. There will also be new test framework support for JUnit 4.

The planned features are a work in progress and some features could be added or removed before the final release.

Eclipse 3.6 Project Plan: