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Red Hat JBoss releases new module for Seam 3 Framework

By Rob Barry

30 Mar 2010 |

Red Hat JBoss recently released a new module for its Seam 3 Framework, Seam XML 3.0.0 Alpha 1. The XML module uses XML-based bean declarations for defining additional beans, or augmenting the beans defined via annotations. The file format is typesafe and extensible.

Some of the features of the new module include:

  • Multiple namespaces are accommodated, each representing a Java package.
  • XML elements belonging to these namespaces represent Java types, fields and methods.
  • Each namespace may declare an XML schema.

According to JBoss’ release notes, you can create a Java 6 annotation processor (a plugin for the Java compiler) that automatically generates this schema as part of the compilation process. When code is compiled, XML configuration errors will be displayed. This approach is designed to tackle one of the main causes of the “XML hell” that affects Java development.