SpringSource and VMWare Deliver a Cloud in a Box with vFabric

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SpringSource and VMWare Deliver a Cloud in a Box with vFabric

By Cameron McKenzie

01 Sep 2010 | TheServerSide.com

Get Ready for vFabric

Yes...vFabric... You're going to be hearing about it.

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This week at the VMWorld 2010 conference, the big news that will capture the imagination of Java developers is the introduction of the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform. And what makes up this vFabric Cloud Enablement Platform? Well, it includes five key products, working together to deliver what everyone wants: a private cloud in a box.

"VMware vFabric combines the Spring Java development framework, with a set of integrated application services including a lightweight application server, global data management, cloud-ready messaging, dynamic load balancing and application performance management. It’s a comprehensive cloud application platform designed to ensure performance and portability across heterogeneous cloud environments."

Okay, maybe it's not quite a 'cloud in the box.' In fact, Shaun Connolly, VP of SpringSource Product Management, wants to make sure you don't get that impression. "It's not cloud in a box. There are a few years of innovation before we get there. [laughing] So what is vFabric? vFabric is the strongest platform of virtualization that the industry has to offer. vFabric will be the platform of choice when it comes to building a private cloud architecture. With vFabric, cloud applications will be deployed in seconds or minutes, rather than weeks or months."

The Technologies that Make Up vFabric

And what are the five key products that work together to deliver this "Cloud in a Box?"

  1. vFabric tc Server Application Server: An enterprise version of Apache Tomcat application server that is optimized for Spring and VMware vSphere.
  2. vFabric Gemfire Data Management: A data management platform that provides real-time access to globally distributed data, speeding performance and eliminating database bottlenecks.
  3. vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS) Load Balancer: An enterprise version of the Apache web server that distributes and balances application load, ensuring application performance.
  4. vFabric Hyperic Application Performance Management: Proactive performance management solution for transparent visibility into modern applications in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  5. RabbitMQ Messaging: A cloud-ready messaging service that facilitates communications between apps both inside and outside the datacenter.

"The IT landscape is changing. Today’s applications are highly web-oriented and data-intensive, and need to scale elastically. Traditional IT platforms aren’t meeting the challenge—which is why virtual and cloud environments are becoming more pervasive every day."

Now, if you're an astute observer, you're probably thinking, "Hey, there's nothing new here. These are just the same old SpringSource and VMWare technologies simply rebranded with the name vFabric in front of them." Well, if you're thinking that, you'd be wrong, because for some reason, they've left the vFabric moniker off of the recently acquired RabbitMQ messaging system. But otherwise, yes, you'd be right, this vFabric platform is simply an amalgamation of the various technologies SpringSource already had, and the technologies VMWare has recently acquired. 

But the point here isn't the individual technologies themselves, but instead, the convergence of these various technologies to provide a single, cohesive platform for private cloud development, and the associated benefits a private cloud provides. Or as SpringSource's Shaun Connolly says, "With vFabric you have a single collection of platform technologies that address the requirement of instant scalability, all of which is optimized for virtualization."

Yes, we'll be hearing a lot more about vFabric.

VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform

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