Breakthrough BigMemory™ for Enterprise Ehcache

Terracotta, a recognized leader in infrastructure software for enterprise application and scalability, today announced the beta availability of BigMemory™ for Enterprise Ehcache, a breakthrough solution for the universal problem of Garbage Collection (GC) in Java applications

New Ehcache Plug-In Delivers Unmatched Application Performance and More Efficient and Cost-Effective Use of Memory and Servers


San Francisco—[September 14, 2010]—Terracotta, a recognized leader in infrastructure software for enterprise application and scalability, today announced the beta availability of BigMemory™ for Enterprise Ehcache, a breakthrough solution for the universal problem of Garbage Collection (GC) in Java applications. 


"A major challenge for Enterprise Java applications is the limit on the size of JVMs imposed by Java Garbage Collection," said Anne MacFarland, Senior Contributing Analyst at the Clipper Group, Inc. "BigMemory for Enterprise Ehcache is a non-disruptive, snap-in module that relieves a JVM of memory constraints. The use of BigMemory allows JVMs to be larger and less numerous, improving performance and controlling management costs.  This is a step forward in the evolution of Enterprise Java."


BigMemory is a pure Java add-on to Enterprise Ehcache, designed for both standalone and distributed caches. Fully compatible with all popular JVMs, BigMemory provides an off-heap cache that frees Java applications from the memory and performance constraints of GC.  The result is an instant and effortless large memory footprint for hundreds of thousands of Java applications.

In short, BigMemory:


•          Dramatically Increases Usable Memory. Many organizations restrict JVM size to two-to-four GBs, placing a hard limit on the amount of application data that can be cached in-memory. With BigMemory, applications can easily cache 64 GBs or more of data in an off-heap store that’s not subject to GC. By allowing applications to run on fewer JVMs with bigger caches, BigMemory increases application speed while also reducing the cost and complexity of operating and scaling applications.


•          Eliminates Tuning and Inefficient Workarounds. To minimize the impact of GC, enterprises often put a lot of time and effort into tuning GC settings, their applications and their server environment. Unfortunately, these approaches provide temporary relief but don’t address the underlying GC problem. In contrast, BigMemory provides an off-heap solution that frees Java applications from the constraints of GC altogether. With BigMemory, companies can avoid GC challenges entirely, eliminating the need for exhausting tuning and inefficient workarounds that add cost and complexity.


•          Delivers Performance and Predictability for SLAs. BigMemory increases application throughput and response times by enabling very large caches. It also provides deterministic latency, eliminating the unpredictable GC pauses that lead to application time outs and user frustration. These are critical benefits for meeting SLAs and the expectations that today’s customers have for hyper-fast speed and availability.


“Developers today use time-consuming techniques to address large data sets, for example, when using lots of VMs with small heaps,” said Ari Zilka, CTO of Terracotta.  “BigMemory for Enterprise Ehcache makes the black art of GC tuning a thing of the past. Companies can fully utilize the capacity of modern servers to achieve the performance gains of in-memory data while simultaneously consolidating the number of servers in the data center.”


BigMemory for Enterprise Ehcache is currently available in Beta at


General release of BigMemory for Enterprise Ehcache is scheduled for October.


About Terracotta, Inc. 

Terracotta’s software products provide snap-in performance and scale for enterprise applications. A recognized leader in distributed caching, Terracotta is at the forefront of making this powerful technology more widely applicable and easier to deploy and manage. Our flagship product, Enterprise Ehcache, extends the capabilities of Ehcache, the de facto caching standard for enterprise Java and the default cache for Hibernate, Grails, ColdFusion and other leading Java frameworks. With more than 250,000 enterprise deployments, including the majority of the Fortune 2000, Terracotta is behind some of the most widely-used software for application scalability, availability and performance. For more information, please visit




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