The JavaRanch Surreptitiously Infiltrates TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011

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The JavaRanch Surreptitiously Infiltrates TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011

By Cameron McKenzie

11 Jan 2011 |

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Nobody is quite sure how it happened, but the smart money says that the miserable-evil-tyrant-owner of the CodeRanch, Paul Wheaton, had something to do with it. 

A conference inside a conference?

Never having had a conference to call their own, the TSSJS deck has been clandestinely stacked with over a dozen of the most popular and prolific members of the JavaRanch’s volunteer army. They’ll be in Las Vegas between March 16th and 18th of this year, celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, placing friendly bets on the NCAA tournament, and most importantly, presenting on a vast array of topics that touch on everything from architecture, design, frameworks, agile methodologies and service oriented architectures.

Paul Wheaton denies involvement

Asked if there was a concerted plan to hijack the symposium, Paul Wheaton denies it. “Look, I’ve been far too busy teaching people how to eat dandelions and clean cast iron skillets. I’m not nearly clever enough to pull off a rouse like this.”

When queried about the heavy presence of the volunteer army on the TSSJS 2011 ticket, Cameron McKenzie, the Editor-in-Chief of, and author of Hibernate Made Easy, says he’s as surprised as anyone.

“Look, when we looked at the wealth of speakers that had asked to talk at the symposium, we were presented with a embarrassment of riches. Who wouldn’t want Bear Bibeault, the author of JQuery in Action, to come and speak as an authority on the topic? And when was the last time Lasse Koskela, author of Test Driven Design, spoke at a conference in North America? Of course we wanted these types of experts on the ticket. How were we supposed to know that all of these intellectual heavyweights were part of an evil and surreptitious plan to take over the conference?”

Extending an olive branch to all JavaRanchers

Of course, there’s not much that can be done about it now, Cameron McKenzie says. “The cattle drive has already started, and there’s not a heck of a lot you can do to stop a stampede. We’re embracing the coup, and inviting anyone interested in attending the conference as a ‘Friend of the JavaRanch’ to sign up using the promo code JAVARANCH. We consider it to be a bit of an olive branch to the JavaRanch community.”

So, if you’ve ever wanted to meet one of your JavaRanch heroes, or say thanks to Paul Wheaton and the gang for all the volunteer work they’ve done to help the Java community move forward over the years, sign up with the JAVARANCH promo code and get yourself to TSSJS 2011.

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*By the way. The Super-Early Bird promotion, which saves you $300 on the price of admission, ends on the 14th. 
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