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Tag management eases tension between marketing and IT

Tag management services help marketing and IT work together to deal with the various testing, metric gathering and analytics tools.

Are software developers aware of the disdain in which they are held by their brethren in the marketing community? Introducing yourself as a software developer to fellow attendees of the Predictive Analytics World Conference in San Francisco is a sure-fire way to make yourself persona non grata.

At the end of the day, marketing and IT are competing for prioritization of resources toward their agenda.

James Niehaus,
VP of digital analytics, Ensighten

It's nothing personal of course. It seems to have more to do with the fact that the folks in marketing simply don't agree with the change request process that needs to be observed before putting new code into production. The marketing and analytics folks are less concerned about how fully tested the code is before it goes live, and much more interested in whether users prefer to click on the purple button or the lavender one, and they simply can't wait until the end of the next Agile sprint to discover the results of their latest A/B or multi-variant test. "At the end of the day, marketing and IT are competing for prioritization of resources toward their agenda," says James Niehaus, VP of Digital Analytics for Ensighten.

A great deal of work has gone on in the industry that allows various software as a service vendors to insert plug-ins into a page that will allow the marketing team to gather analytics, perform various tests and quickly test user interface changes without even having to send a tweet to the IT department. Interestingly, there are so many of these tools, that organizations like Ensighten are offering services known as "tag management" to help companies deal with the various testing, metric gathering and analytics tools that are being injected into Web pages.

To learn more about the work that is going on to ease tensions between marketing and IT teams, what the most popular optimization and analytics tools are, how organizations are tracking the cross-device, omni channel behavior of users and the reason why tag management services are becoming more and more prevalent, listen to the accompanying interview with Niehaus.

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