News: How many bugs do you have in your code?

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    If you follow Zero Bug Tolerance of course you’re not supposed to have any bugs to fix after the code is done. But let’s get real. Is there any way to know how many bugs you're missing and will have to fix later, and how many bugs you might already have in your code? Are there any industry measures of code quality that you can use as a starting point? Read the rest of the article at the following URL:

    Java Code Geeks: How many bugs do you have in your code?

  2. Questionable assumption[ Go to top ]

    At least one assumption this atricle makes look very questionable to me.

    Of these 750+ bugs around 25% will be severity 1 show stoppers – real production problems that cause something significant to break. 

    Why percentage of show stoppers among undiscovered bugs in the release would be 25%? Is there a study or reasonable explanation behind this?

    I know several releases of systems that exceed 50 KLOC size, yet none of them was even close to 200 undiscovered showstoppers.