News: LDC 3.0: Capture web application errors with detailed error reports and in-app UI for error insights

  1. We're pleased to announce LogDigger Connector 3.0 - a lightweight library that captures Java web application errors and creates detailed error reports including:

    • HTTP request details like URL, POST parameters and HTTP headers
    • Request-level logs
    • List of request and session attributes
    • List of user actions preceeding the error
    • Application specific data (for example, ID of a current user)

    Here's what's new in v3.0:

    • Built-in web UI to review error logs. No need for an external service any more - your error reports and logs stay with you!
    • Track user actions and have the recent usage history included with the error report.
    • Improved email notifier.
    • Collect error notifications using RSS.
    • Greatly improved documentation and examples.

    Standard edition is FREE for commercial use and distribution.

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    More details and download available at http://logdigger.com