News: Atlassian and ZeroTurnaround team up to launch Bamboo-LiveRebel plugin

  1. If you’ve been following the progression of LiveRebel over the last year, then you’ve seen some major improvements and advancements in deployment features, user interface and general experience. Now we take it a step further to get down and dirty in Continuous Delivery, teaming up with Atlassian’s popular Bamboo CI tool. Check out the Bamboo-LiveRebel how-to article for gettings started.

    This new plugin is pure ball lightning (yeah, like Tesla-style), harnessing the powers of Bamboo, Atlassian’s continuous integration and release management product, with LiveRebel, ZeroTurnaround’s revolutionary application and server management solution for end-to-end application lifecycle management.

    More info here: http://zeroturnaround.com/blog/atlassian-and-zeroturnaround-team-up-to-launch-bamboo-liverebel-plugin/

  2. The Bamboo-LiveRebel coop is sweet, looking forward to seeing JRebel used to speed up development of Jira and Confluence plugins!