News: Eliminate the manual production update processes with continuous delivery

  1. Do you find it surprising that a recent survey revealed that the vast majority of organizations' deployment pipelines still heavily rely on error-prone, unpredictable update processes done manually at 3 AM by overworked staff? Where is all that Continuous Delivery we keep hearing about? Turns out, it's been waylaid by organizational rigidity put in place to fight Downtime and Failures! Check out the full report.

    Despite overwhelmingly manual processes and other smaller technological and organizational issues, most firms do in fact want to roll out software as quickly as possible to the users. The goal of this report is to review how to simultaneously increase the velocity of delivering software to production and actually decrease the risk and impact of failure.

    In this free, 22-page tutorial and accompanying video presentation, you will be guided step-by-step into building a Continuous Delivery pipeline for actual use cases in a realistic environment – using tools like Jenkins, Nexus, LiveRebel and others readily available right now.

  2. Good tutorial![ Go to top ]

    Finally a tutorial that actually shows you how to do something with Continuous Delivery :-)