News: GUI vs. Script. Is the old load testing debate now over?

  1. The first step in performance or load testing a web application is to create a realistic test script. This script, representing a specific type of end user, contains steps that are fully automated transactions flows. Often, complex behaviors need to be emulated as part of these flows. To incorporate the needed behavior or to handle complex scenarios, testers need to customize these load scripts. The question is whether you utilize a tool that takes a GUI driven approach for script customization/manipulation, or whether you choose a tool which requires the use of a programming language. Find out the pros and cons of each in this article, "GUI Versus Script. Is This Old Load Testing Debate Now Over?"

  2. ...left disappointed after reading a product advert.

    I don't mind product ads on TSS, and I don't mind good editorials that discuss a problem and present a solution, but this actually managed to annoy me.