News: It's your chance to give Oracle some input on the direction of Java EE 7

  1. Oracle is looking forward towards Java EE 7, and Oracle wants your input on where they should be taking the specification. Want to have your opinions heard? A good way to participate is to take part in the Java EE 7 Feedback Survey

    The Java EE 7 expert group has been hard at work trying to define the next revision of the platform. It is shaping up quite nicely with things like WebSocket/HTML 5 support, a standard API for JSON processing, the next version of JAX-RS, an overhaul of JMS, batch processing in Java EE, the retiring of EJB 2 entity beans and JAX-RPC, greater alignment with CDI, a long-awaited update to the JCache API, and much, much more. 

    At this stage, the Java EE expert group would really like feedback from you. If you can spare a moment, please take the following survey, let your voice be heard and help shape the future!

    Take the survey here: Java EE 7 Feedback Survey.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this.

    It's strictly a nitpick, but it's not Oracle per se, but the Java EE 7 EG in the JCP that this survey comes from (and goes directly to). As always, I am also here for any reasonable discussion on Java EE 7 besides the survery.

    All views voiced are my own, not necessarily Oracle's.


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