News: Choosing the right Java Collections library for the right task

  1. In the past years we have continuously stumbled upon the same class of problems related to collection frameworks.  And thought it would be nice to share the experience – hopefully it can save somebody a day or two. Either via avoiding yet another bidirectional Map implementation or understanding why his HashSet consumes 10x more memory than intended.

    We have reviewed seven different Collection APIs and explained when to use which API.  The review was divided into two different groups of Collection libraries. First of them provides additional features to the standard Collections API. In this group we have players such as Guava and Apache Commons Collections. Another set of Collection libraries works with some aspect of performance. In this group we see libraries like Trove, fastutil and Huge Collections. We start our overview with feature-adding libraries and then move into performance-oriented landscape.

    Further details about analysis available in the blog post.

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