News: My three-year Java abstinence: there and back again

  1. Three reasons why I came back to Java and the JVM

    • The Java community – an awesome and critical driver maintaining the spirit of open development, collaboration and experimentation in software
    • Java tools & technologies – the tools used in Java (from IDEs to code analysis to profilers) benefit programmers more than the tools in other languages, such as C++ & Python
    • The JVM (and Java) – the best balance productivity, performance, stability and more better than other platforms available to developers today

    So if you feel like leaving Java and the JVM behind, I wish you luck. But be aware that you may find yourself back here again...

    Read the full post here: http://zeroturnaround.com/labs/my-three-year-java-abstinence-there-and-back-again/


  2. Oops, this fact somehow got left out of the post here on TSS, I was not the original author...