News: Advice for a JavaOne newbie? Skip the keynotes and make time for the parties

  1. Here's some advice for newbies to JavaOne and OracleWorld: skip the keynotes.

    They're not bunk or anything, but they are streamed, and you can listen to them at the airport when you're catching your flight back home on Thursday or Friday. A better option? Skip the keynotes, sleep in a bit, and save your energy for what tends to be the best part of JavaOne: the afternoon Birds of a Feather sessions and the parties and soirees that happen in the evening.

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    Getting the most out of JavaOne: Sage advice from an OracleWorld alumni

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  2. where is Larry ?[ Go to top ]

    Mr. Larry was worried about boat race and he didnt even show up for his own keynote speech. 

    it was BAD. we walked out once we were told that he is not coming. 

    Tells you how much Larry cares about Java. :)