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  • Vowels don't cost $500: Pontificating on Java 7 variable naming conventions 26 Jan 2012

    Tutorial - When naming your variables, put a little bit of thought into it and name them well. Well thought out variable names make Java programs both easier to read and easier to maintain. Good names can even make Java programming fun.

  • New Java 7 Features: A Numeric Underscores with Literals Tutorial 22 Dec 2011

    Tutorial - If you're doing the OCPJP upgrade exam, or just hitting the full blown OCPJP 7 Java certification, you need to know the ins and outs of the new language features. One fun and friendly syntax introduced with Java 7 is using numeric underscores. It's also...

  • How to Learn Java 14 Feb 2011

    Feature - Are you interested in learning Java? Interested in getting a Job in the IT industry as a Java programmer? Well, Janeice Del Vecchio, a presenter at TSSJS 2011 in Las Vegas, has some sage advice for anyone interested in getting into the industry.