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When loose coupling and SOA style software layering doesn't make sense

Jun 15 2015 ...  

There's nothing worse than jumping into a software project where the lead architect has just completed a five day designs pattern course, or has just made it through a comprehensive service oriented architecture (SOA) workshop. From that point on, every problem the architect encounters ends up ge

From EJBs to the mobile web: Re-emerging trends in enterprise Java development

Aug 01 2013 ...   Java EE 7 has just been released, but many old technologies, from EJBs to JPA for data persistence are becoming more popular than ever. Here we look at a few trends in enterprise Java development.

Practical challenges of profiler integration with Java/J2EE applications

Oct 24 2011 ...  

Profiling is a technique used to identify code-level performance bottlenecks in an application and tune application c

Spring sucks? Refuting the case against Spring

Jan 11 2013 ...   Because some old school J2EE types think Spring sucks, Ken Rimple takes some time to refute common complaints about Spring.

High Scalable & Distributed Architecture with EJB & Spring Framework

Sep 29 2010 ...   In an Enterprise world, Spring Framework with some standard ORM tool like Hibernate gained considerable acceptance as a light-weight architecture for mid size applications. Also in Java EE 5 specification, major changes has been done on component architecture, tried overcome the gaps like IoC, ORM etc.

Hibernate 3.5 Without Hibernate: Migrating to the Java Persistence API

Jun 23 2010 ...   Here we look at using the Hibernate framework as our persistence mechanism, but only referencing the JPA libraries in our code. This way, your persistence code is not bound to the vendor that implements your persistence architecture.

J2EE Without EJB

Jul 01 2004 ...   I was excited to see J2EE Development without EJB come across my desk at work. This is the new book by Rod Johnson and Juergen Hoeller, both known well partly for being the lead developers of the Spring Framework.

Using Hibernate 3.5 as a JPA 2.0 Persistence Implementation

Jun 21 2010 ...   Are you interested in JPA 2.0, and you want to use Hibernate as your implementation? This tutorial shows you how easy it is to take your JPA annotated components and use the Hibernate 3.5 as your implementation.

Spring vs. Java EE: Making the case for Spring

Jan 11 2013 ...   Ken Rimple's case for Spring includes comparisons to Java EE, but he also expounds on improvements Spring and other languages have brought to the JVM.

Simplifying EJB Development with EJB 3.0

Oct 01 2004 ...   Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) was introduced for building distributed components. When it arrived it came with a promise to solve all issues and complexities of CORBA. EJB being the heart of J2EE went through several major revisions and got fattened with many features.

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