Mastering the Oracle Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect exam

A longtime Sun Microsystems course instructor gives his tips on taking and passing the Oracle Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect exam.

Are you thinking of taking the Oracle Certified Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect Exam? Here are some tips from Michael Ernest, the owner of Inkling Research and a Sun Microsystems course instructor for over 15 years, who spoke at TheServerSide Java Symposium on Thursday.

The exam has three components

  • Multiple-choice knowledge exam: Tests you on scenarios for applying Java EE 5 technologies and J2EE core patterns
  • Business case assignment: Design a software solution for a complex business case. Using various UML diagram forms is required.
  • Essay exam: Defend the business case solution

Sample question

Which of the following technologies guarantees message delivery?




D) JavaMail

“When I look at this, the reason I get my undies in a bunch is that JMS isn’t messaging, it’s just a client-side API,” Ernest said. “So a very detailed and precise attention to the knowledge here won’t necessarily serve you well.”

Exam dos

  • Know each component of Java EE, what it does, how it does it and how like approaches compare to each other
  • When you receive your problem set, plan it in three stages a week each. Spend two days minimum on breaking it all down. 
  • Ernest’s advice: Throw your first solution away and then come back to it later, you’ll end up adding something you forgot in the first solution

Exam don’ts

  • Don’t obsess on UML (or HTML). Get your ideas in diagram form first
  • The Cade & Sheil study guide is a guide to doing, not passing. But catalog their use of technology terms fully
  • Don’t collaborate on the business problem with others. It’s easier to spot cheating than you think
This was last published in March 2011



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