How BI + ALM = ALI and real-time application traceability

How BI + ALM = ALI and real-time application traceability

date:Oct 12, 2011

Pairing business intelligence with application lifecycle management (ALM) promises to deliver real-time application requirements traceability and simplify change management, said Kelly Emo, HP director of applications product marketing, in a JavaOne 2011 interview.
“With real-time intelligence, application traceability is extended into production and then back to development,” said Emo. “Development has been a blind spot in ALM, and ALI helps put development and operations on the same page.”

In this video excerpt, Emo discusses the benefits of application lifecycle intelligence (ALI), which combines test and analysis tools to give real-time views into source code changes and how those changes affect application requirements, tests and quality.

At JavaOne, HP debuted new ALI capabilities that have been added to the HP ALM 11 suite. HP ALI was one of three collaboration-centric software tools added to HP ALM 11. The others include HP Service Virtualization 1.0, a simulated environment for testing and analysis and HP Agile Accelerator 5.0, a development deliverables viewing and scheduling tool.

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