• July 01, 2001 01 Jul'01

    Java Data Objects

    JDO (Java Data Objects) is a specification for transparent persistence being developed as JSR-000012 in the Java Community Process. Transparent persistence allows developers to store their Java objects in transactional data stores "transparently", ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2001 01 Jul'01

    Web Application Development with JSP and XML Part II: JSP with XML in mind

    The Extensible Markup Language (XML) has become the de facto standard data representation format for the Internet. XML data can be processed and interpreted on any platform--from handheld device to mainframe. It a perfect companion for Java ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2001 01 Jul'01

    Requirements for Building Industrial Strength Web Services

    Anybody who thinks that buying an application server (such as WebSphere or WebLogic), combined with a Web Services toolkit (like GLUE, as good as it is in this role), is sufficient for building Web Services is simply not seeing the big picture. The ...  Continue Reading