• December 01, 2002 01 Dec'02

    EJB 2.1 The Enhanced Message-Driven Bean

    This sixth and final installment of Richard Monson-Haefel's column covers the new connector-based MDBs (Message-Driven Beans), which allow you to use MDBs with any kind of messaging system, not just JMS. It also covers the activation-configuration ...  Continue Reading

  • December 01, 2002 01 Dec'02

    MDA From a Developer's Perspective

    In this article I'll explain what Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is all about, and do so in a bottom-up way. The focus is on the benefits a developer (as opposed to a manager or someone with architectural responsibility in an enterprise) can gain ...  Continue Reading

  • December 01, 2002 01 Dec'02

    EJB 2.1: The Enhanced Message-Driven Bean

    The message-driven bean has undergone some important enhancements that make it far more useful and flexible than it was in EJB 2.0. That's saying a lot, because as an enterprise bean type the message-driven bean may be one of the most important ...  Continue Reading