• August 01, 2003 01 Aug'03

    J2EE Application Management - The Power of JMX

    Enterprise adoption of J2EE as the strategic architecture for server-based applications is on the rise. Increasingly, mission-critical applications are being built and deployed on J2EE infrastructures. An emerging standard, Java Management ...  Continue Reading

  • August 01, 2003 01 Aug'03

    Introduction to Maverick

    This article will cover the code and experience in building an application using the Maverick framework.  Continue Reading

  • August 01, 2003 01 Aug'03

    AspectJ In Action

    Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is a hot topic at the moment. If we look at history it kind of looks like AOP is following other technologies like OOP. It was conceived a long time ago (in computer terms), has been worked on in academia, and is ...  Continue Reading

  • August 01, 2003 01 Aug'03

    JDO 2.0 Kickoff Meeting

    When you think of a JCP meeting about a JSR what do you envision? Many people on the outside probably feel like the JCP is a mysterious secret society. Vendors meet together and "plot" the course of a specification.  Continue Reading

  • August 01, 2003 01 Aug'03

    JMS Application Architectures

    Learn about some of the application architectural issues in applications that use messaging and JMS in general. This article examines state vs application decoupling in JMS applications, looks at synchronous vs asynchronous use cases, examines some ...  Continue Reading

  • August 01, 2003 01 Aug'03

    Using JAAS for Authorization & Authentication

    This paper explains how to use the Java Authentication and Authorization API (JAAS). It plugs JAAS into the Struts framework. Though this paper focuses on Struts, and in particular the example application distributed with Struts, the lessons learned...  Continue Reading

  • August 01, 2003 01 Aug'03

    Testing: Cactus and JUnit, Struts TagLibs and JSPs

    The Testing: Cactus and JUnit chapter examines pitfalls when building a real-world test set with these tools. It looks at various pitfalls such as 'Unreasonable Assert', 'Console-Based Testing', 'Unfocused Test Method', 'Failure to Isolate Subject' ...  Continue Reading