• April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Java Protocol Handlers

    This paper describes for you everything you need to know to exploit the java.net.URL custom plug-in architecture. It covers the java.net.URL architecture and how different java.net package objects interact to resolve URLs into resource streams. ...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Java 2 Security

    This paper explores some of the internals of Java 2 security. We'll take an inside-out approach to exploring the important concepts and APIs: First we'll look at the high-level concepts that Java 2 security is based on, and then we'll examine the ...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Escaping Properties Purgatory

    Throughout Java's core API, properties are used to give users and administrators more control over their applications. Consider the following three approaches to configuring a context for the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Does code generation matter to Java developers?

    If you haven't yet been bitten by the code generation bug, let me explain why I think code generation matters to Java developers.  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Decompiling Classes, Replacing and Patching Core Java Classes

    The 'Decompiling Classes' chapter helps you determine when you would need to decompile your Java classes, provides a list of the popular decompilers and shows you how to decompile a class using JAD. It also looks at what makes decompiling possible ...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    XDoclet In Action

    There are some books that you really look forward to. The reason that I was looking forward to XDoclet in Action was because the topic really needed a good book. It needed a book that covered the myriad of areas that you want to know about when ...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Using Database MetaData methods appropriately

    Developing performance-oriented JDBC applications is not easy. JDBC drivers do not throw exceptions to tell you when your code is running too slow.  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Exploiting the Java Virtual Machine

    Java application and component developers have a tendency to rely on a popular fiction known as the "vanilla VM configuration." The choice to rely on the VM to provide adequate, scalable runtime facilities for "real world" applications is often made...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Understanding Class.forName() - Java

    Dynamic loading of Java classes at runtime provides tremendous flexibility in the development of enterprise systems. It provides for the basis of "application servers", and allows even simpler, lighter-weight systems to accomplish some of the same ...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2004 01 Apr'04

    Using The Digester Component

    Web services are unimaginable without XML, and with the usage of Web services projected to boom over the next few years, there is no escaping XML. In this article, you will look at the Jakarta Commons Digester component and how it can make working ...  Continue Reading