• May 01, 2004 01 May'04

    Retrieving Only Required Data

    Developing performance-oriented JDBC applications is not easy. JDBC drivers do not throw exceptions to tell you when your code is running too slow.  Continue Reading

  • May 01, 2004 01 May'04

    WebLogic: The Definitive Guide

    The book starts off with a nice introduction to Web applications in the context of WebLogic, including a discussion of WebLogic-specific descriptors. Everything you need to create production-ready applications, including HTTP Session replication, ...  Continue Reading

  • May 01, 2004 01 May'04

    An Introduction to the Drools Project

    Part one of this article revisits an old concept and introduces a new technology for the Java Enterprise developer's utility belt. I'll discuss how Rules Engines can improve the agility of your business by helping you isolate the "logic of the ...  Continue Reading

  • May 01, 2004 01 May'04

    The State of Workflow

    When talking about an relational database management systems (RDBMS) in a software development team most people will get the picture and shake their heads slightly up and down confirming they understand what you're saying. When using workflow ...  Continue Reading