• September 23, 2004 23 Sep'04

    Graph Paging: Are we doing O/R mapping wrong?

    Playing with JDO 2 fetch groups, ZODB, thinking about TranQL (for two months now), playing with Prevayler, and looking at TORPEDO (need to run OJB against it when I have a chance) something clicked for me which I think clicked for some other people ...  Continue Reading

  • September 03, 2004 03 Sep'04

    Components, Design, and Functions

    Take a look at some idioms that have proven really useful for ubiquitous components in web applications over the last year or so.  Continue Reading

  • September 03, 2004 03 Sep'04

    Fear and Testing

    Discussion about fear and how it can derail efforts to find and solve scalability and performance problems. These are the times that fearcan grip an engineer to the point of inaction. This is especially true for QA technicians needing to understand ...  Continue Reading