• January 01, 2005 01 Jan'05

    Exploring J2EE Security for Applications using LDAP

    This article is loosely based on prototyping a number of J2EE applications constructs, such as servlets, EJB, MDB (Message-driven Beans) and JSP implemented using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for application authorization. The ...  Continue Reading

  • January 01, 2005 01 Jan'05

    TSS Relaunches on Tapestry

    From its inception in May 2000, TheServerSide.com has been an exceptionally successful information portal site, receiving upwards of seven million hits per month. By 2004, TheServerSide was faced with a dilemma – they wanted to expand and ...  Continue Reading

  • January 01, 2005 01 Jan'05

    I Love Lucene

    There are a lot of areas on TheServerSide that we would like to change. Trust us. Ever since I joined TheServerSide I have cringed at our search engine implementation. It didn't do a good job, and that meant that our users couldn't get to ...  Continue Reading