• July 01, 2006 01 Jul'06

    Role of Testing in Agile Projects

    For those of you "up" on your agile practices, it should come as no surprise that testing is an oft-talked about subject. However, it is often an overloaded term, implying you need to get at the meat of the details when trying to determine what sort...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2006 01 Jul'06

    A beginners guide to Dependency Injection

    This article presents a high level overview of Dependency Injection (DI). It aims to present the overall concept of Dependency Injection to the junior developer within the context of how it could be used in a variety of DI containers.  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2006 01 Jul'06

    An Architect's Perspective on Application Quality

    Quality begins in the team - not the application. Proper planning, communication and processes are essential to any successful project. Projects that lack these fundamentals will likely produce problematic applications. Large teams with diverse ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2006 01 Jul'06

    Ajax and the Spring Framework with TIBCO General Interface

    Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) means many things to many people. However, one thing is certain: To users it implies a higher level of functionality and an improved experience. To the developer, another certainty follows: More work. The only ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2006 01 Jul'06

    Introducing Axiom

    An XML Object model should be memory efficient and fast in processing XML. These two goals are very difficult to satisfy with the technologies that exist so far. However, with the introduction of StAX (Streaming API for XML), these goals are no ...  Continue Reading