• January 01, 2007 01 Jan'07

    Eclipse, Equinox, and OSGi

    Eclipse has been enormously popular as a tooling platform. With the use of Eclipse as a Rich Client Platform (RCP), Eclipse made a step towards being a runtime platform. Now, with the emergence of Eclipse on the server, Eclipse clearly has leapt ...  Continue Reading

  • January 01, 2007 01 Jan'07

    Using Terracotta DSO

    Terracotta DSO is an open source technology created by Terracotta, meant to provide clustering to Java at the virtual machine level. It does so by weaving code around specific classes, which will communicate with a specific server process to ...  Continue Reading

  • January 01, 2007 01 Jan'07

    Mule: A Case Study

    The buzzword du jour in service-oriented architectures is ESB. Enterprise service buses are the preferred tools for integrating systems with heterogeneous data interchange interfaces and based on a wide array of technologies, from COBOL to CORBA to ...  Continue Reading