• December 01, 2007 01 Dec'07

    XWiki: A Platform for Collaborative Apps

    This article demonstrates how to customize XWiki Enterprise by writing a small application with it. Specifically you'll learn how to write a Todo application for managing Todo tasks. This application will let users enter tasks using a description, ...  Continue Reading

  • December 01, 2007 01 Dec'07

    Using DWR with TIBCO General Interface

    This simple request/response cycle example demonstrates some of the basic utilities Direct Web Remoting (DWR) provides for making interactions between DWR and Ajax applications created with TIBCO General Interface easy.  Continue Reading

  • December 01, 2007 01 Dec'07

    Errors as Business Information

    Any work on an integration project utilises a wide range of established patterns. Gregor Hohpe's sterling work on collecting common patterns is an excellent reference point for anyone working in this field. While it is common to put these patterns ...  Continue Reading