• March 12, 2007 12 Mar'07

    TSS Java Symposium conference coverage 2007

    The conference made a strong emphasis on projects to help Java developers build POJOs and services, build-in scalability and performance, test and validate their applications, and learn from each other the best practices and patterns.  Continue Reading

  • March 01, 2007 01 Mar'07

    Breaking OpenLaszlo loose from XML data

    OpenLaszlo is a development platform that allows you to create rich internet applications which execute on several runtimes, including Flash and DHTML. You use an XML-based language, called LZX, to declaratively create the user interface and rely on...  Continue Reading

  • March 01, 2007 01 Mar'07

    JPA 101 Java Persistence Explained

    This chapter, excerpted from JPA 101, focuses on the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL). It looks at the fetch join operator and delves into JPQL's bulk operation support.  Continue Reading