• May 01, 2007 01 May'07

    JavaOne2007 Coverage

    Learn about the in-depth coverage and analysis of important technologies discussed at this year's JavaOne, including informative write-ups of keynote presentations, technical sessions and conversations with vendors and attendees.  Continue Reading

  • May 01, 2007 01 May'07

    Spring is the New Java EE

    The new J2EE was back with a vengeance at The TSS Java symposium. BEA's demeanor indicated that Weblogic was going to be out in front with a beta implementation of EJB3, with Websphere and others soon to follow. JBoss had recently acquired Hibernate...  Continue Reading

  • May 01, 2007 01 May'07

    Java Portlets 101

    In this excerpt from Java Portlets 101, author Sunil Patil explains how portlets can include markup generated by servlets or JSPs, as well as how to dispatch requests to JSPs for actual markup generation and how to dispatch requests to servlets.  Continue Reading

  • May 01, 2007 01 May'07

    Using OpenID

    Learn more about OpenID, a decentralized, open source framework for user-centric digital identity. With OpenID, rather than managing all online accounts individually, users can manage their identity in one place via an authentication server.  Continue Reading

  • May 01, 2007 01 May'07

    The Working Developer's Guide to Java Bytecode

    In this article, we're going to examine the JVM bytecode set, disassemble some code to see how it works, and play with some tools that allow us to manipulate bytecode directly.  Continue Reading