• July 01, 2007 01 Jul'07

    ZK Rich Client Framework and Agile Development

    Learn why rich client frameworks in general, and ZK in particular, not only allow for more pleasing, powerful UIs, but aid in applying an “Agile” development methodology.  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2007 01 Jul'07

    IDE Showdown - Evangelists duke it out at Cologne JUG

    The Cologne JUG conducted an IDE shootout that included Maxim Shafirov, Mike Aizatsky, and Ann Oreshnikova from JetBrains, Roman Strobl from NetBeans, Wayne Beaton from the Eclipse Foundation, and Frank Nimphius of Oracle. Each of the four groups ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2007 01 Jul'07

    No Objects Left Behind

    Java's automated memory management has been a constant source of confusion for many trying to obtain predictability in response times. A significant source of this confusion comes from pre-conceptions about how garbage collection (GC) works as well ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2007 01 Jul'07

    Integrating CICS with the Jbi4CICS Component

    Thanks to the wide adoption of service-oriented architecture, the JBI specification is becoming more and more popular. With JBI, development of new integration components that can be installed in compliant Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is possible, ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2007 01 Jul'07

    JBoss Seam: A Deep Integration Framework

    Software frameworks are very useful tools for enterprise Java developers. They are widely used to package reusable software components and services. Each framework provides a set of design patterns, APIs, and component models, which can be used in ...  Continue Reading