• October 30, 2008 30 Oct'08


    J/Direct is an application programming interface (API) from Microsoft that allows applications written in the Java programming language to make programming requests for Windows operating system services.  Continue Reading

  • October 16, 2008 16 Oct'08


    Groovy is a dynamic object-oriented programming language for the Java virtual machine (JVM) that can be used anywhere Java is used.  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2008 01 Oct'08

    EJB 2.1: The Timer Service: Monson-Haefel's Guide to Enterprise JavaBeans

    This fourth installment of Monson-Haefel's Guide to Enterprise JavaBeans describes the EJB Timer Service API, its use with entity, stateless session, and message-driven beans, and provides some criticism and suggested improvements of the Timer ...  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2008 01 Oct'08

    New Features in EJB 3.1 - Part 5

    In this last article, I will talk about standardized global JNDI names for Session Beans and EJB 3.1 Embeddable Containers for Java SE environments. All of this is really just a peek into the inner workings of the JCP so that you have a chance to ...  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2008 01 Oct'08

    BDoc - Supporting Behavior-Driven Development

    Getting the words right is always important. In the context of unit testing it would be nice if a test says something useful, and to a broad audience. Behavior-driven development (BDD) with its practices gives guidelines for how this can be achieved...  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2008 01 Oct'08

    An Introduction to GMaps4JSF

    GMaps4JSF is one of the JSF Mashups libraries that enable JSF users to build Web 2.0 Mashup applications in JSF easily. In this article, I will introduce what the GMaps4JSF library offers, how to configure it, and its components, and finally an ...  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2008 01 Oct'08

    Direct Ajax - Goodbye to Ajax Deadly Sins

    A tech lead was assigned to enrich his company's "Expense Claim" application with Ajax technologies. At first, he planned to deliver the application in 3 months, but it wound up taking him 6 months. Here are some of Ajax deadly sins that delayed his...  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2008 01 Oct'08

    A RESTful Core for Web-like Application Flexibility - Part 4 - Patterns

    In the first three articles of this series [1] [2] [3], we described an approach to application software architecture that is based on a core set of "RESTful" principles. This Resource Oriented Computing (ROC) approach is ...  Continue Reading