• March 01, 2008 01 Mar'08

    Part Two: New Features in EJB 3.1

    This series of articles previews changes in EJB 3.1. EJB 3.0 brought simplicity to Java EE 5 by moving away from a heavyweight programming model. EJB 3.1 aims to build on those successes by moving further down the path of simplicity as well as ...  Continue Reading

  • March 01, 2008 01 Mar'08

    Performance Engineering - a Practitioner's Approach to Performance Testing

    With every passing day, organizations are becoming more and more conscious about the performance of their Enterprise Solutions. As the IT industry matures and the technology evolves, so does the awareness about expectations from an Enterprise ...  Continue Reading

  • March 01, 2008 01 Mar'08

    New Features in EJB 3.1 - Part 2

    In this second article, I'll cover two more features that have been discussed in detail—EJB Timer Service enhancements and simplified packaging. Remember, none of this has been finalized yet, although a draft of the specification will be ...  Continue Reading